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What is ZuluTrade

No time to constantly monitor the markets? Or, do not know how to kickstart your trading journey? ZuluTrade copies your trading from successful traders and automates your trades. If you don’t have enough time to designate a robust trading strategy or if you feel like you don’t have enough experience, ZuluTrade is the ideal solution for you. It makes your trading easy and simple.

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What use ZuluTrade with PU Prime

  • Instant & Automated

    Pick the best traders & instantly copy trades. Save time and effort.

  • No Emotions

    ZuluTrade eliminates greed or fear.Decision made without impulses.

  • Smart Sorting

    Filter and sort best signals & traders. Find what you need.

  • Good for All

    Start your offer or find one to invest securely. Copy trades instantly.

Using ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade users can select the traders they want to follow using the Performance Table based on plenty of essential performance factors. ZuluTrade users can then fully customize the trades initiated by the traders according to their preferences and risk tolerance.

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Zulutrade Exclusive Features

Enjoy ZuluTrade’s unique features and rationalize your tradings.

  • ZuluRank

    A key feature that sorts signal providers by analyzing several performance factors.

  • ZuluGuard

    A highly professional security feature that tracks down the performance of users 24/7.

  • Automator

    An advanced tool which allows ZuluTrade users to create and execute their own automated rules.

  • Simulation

    A useful tool that enables users to follow and test their selected trader’s performance in line with the settings chosen.

Taking off with PU Prime

If you want start the copy trading with Zulutrade or have any questions,please contact your account manager or PU Prime support team for help

  • Open a
    PU Prime live account

  • Fund
    your account

  • Contact your account manager to help you link your account with Zulutrade

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Top Traders Ranked by ZuluTrade

Through the ZuluTrade social trading platform, clients of PU Prime will gain exclusive access to a vast pool of professional traders and profitable trading systems.

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